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Updated: 06 Jun, 2019 lúc June 05, 2019
According to Associate Professor, Dr. Huynh Thanh Hung - Vice Rector of  Ho Chi Minh City Agriculture and Forestry University , for consideration of admission, some schools only consider top 100 students or top 200 students. to apply for admission correctly, if the school is not in the top, the applicant will not be eligible for admission.
"In addition, there are many schools that do not distinguish specialized or non-specialized schools for admission by transcript" - Mr. Hung noted.
Note when applying for academic records
Many contestants are interested in the method of admissions

Pedagogical and health sectors apply floor regulations

According to Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Phung - Head of the Department of Higher Education - Ministry of Education and Training, the regulation of enrollment in the regular university system in 2019 has two important new points: last year only the pedagogical sector had a floor, this year. There are health sector blocks that apply floor point regulations.
Accordingly, for the training of teachers and the health sector if the school uses the admissions method combining the national high school test scores   and high school study results (transcripts) or a combination of the school's score Pre-qualification or examination with national high school test scores and / or transcripts, the threshold of ensuring the entrance quality of national high school test scores, transcripts must be equivalent to the prescribed thresholds.
Specifically, the average score recruits and recruits to use the national high school test score of the school at least equal to the average score plus the floor score prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training. For the training of teachers and the medical, traditional medicine, teeth - jaw, face and pharmacy branches, the minimum grade point average for the selection of academic records is 8.0 or higher.
For the areas of music pedagogy, pedagogy of fine arts, physical education, training in sports, nursing, preventive medicine, maternity, nutrition, dental prosthetics, medical examination techniques , medical imaging techniques, rehabilitation techniques, and the average score for reviewing and applying for a minimum of 6.5 or higher.
The threshold "floor" according to the method of admission based on the report of the pedagogical group of the university level recruits students graduating from high school with good grade 12 qualifications. Particularly in music pedagogical branches, pedagogy of art, physical education and sport training, there must be grade 12 learning skills with good rankings upwards.
For the health sector, the university recruits high school graduates with grade 12 scholarships, which are excellent in medical, traditional medicine, teeth - jaw-face and pharmacy. The remaining health sectors must have a grade 12 education from above or above.
"In the past, there was information that a good graduate must be registered to apply for admission to the health sector is not correct. For the method of admissions by new transcripts, this regulation applies. And the candidates have no points. good graduates are still recruited into the health sector according to the results of the national high school test scores "- Dr. Phung explained.

Review grade 12 transcripts of subjects in the admissions group

Meanwhile, according to the scheme of admissions announced by universities, for the method of admissions of academic records, it is implemented in many different ways.
Dr. Nguyen Trung Nhan - Head of the School Training Department, said that for the university, at the main campus in Ho Chi Minh City, the school enrolls in two methods: recruiting the results of the national high school graduation exam in 2019 (70-90% of the target), using high school academic results in grade 12 (subjects included in the admissions sector of the corresponding admission industry), with the threshold for receiving applications is the total of three subjects in the review group recruit at least 19.5 points (10-30% of the total target).
At the same time, to recruit students who successfully achieve excellent national level math, physics ..., and winners of national-level occupational skills competitions that have won prizes in accordance with the registered industry.
This year, the school also spent 10% from the candidates' 3-year high school report results. MSc Pham Thai Son - director of the school's Admissions and Communication Center - said: "The new point in the plan of admissions from high school academic records is to consider the subjects of the same subjects as the subjects in the method of review National high school exam, instead of reviewing the year-end summation results as in previous years.
For example, for consideration of admission of food technology industry, the school considers the final summation of grade 10, 11, 12 in math, physics and chemistry (Block A) reaching 18 or more to be eligible for consideration. recruitment. The matriculation score is the sum of three A-level subjects three years of high school plus the priority and regional points (if any). The school considered from high to low ".

Considering silver study combining international certificates

In 2019, for the first time,  Foreign Trade University  applied the method of admission combining international certificates and 3-year high school study results. Subjects to apply for admission are students of specialized math, physics, chemistry, literature and foreign language classes of specialized high schools nationwide graduated in 2019, having good conduct from high school years.
Admission requirements are based on candidates achieving high school academic results and having an international certificate of appropriate foreign language according to each training program.