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What is additional admission?

Updated: 06 Jun, 2019 lúc June 05, 2019

What is additional admission?

According to the Regulation on university admission issued together with Circular 05/2017 / TT-BGDTT, universities and colleges will be carried out additional rounds of admissions in the year to be able to recruit enough targets under the scheme. that each school has announced.
Acceptance of admission documents will not be lower than the first grade of admission. Those who have not passed the exam or who have passed the exam but have not yet decided to enroll in any school can participate in the admission examination. additional.
In order to be able to register for admission of additional aspirations, candidates need to follow the information of the schools that lack the criteria, the method, the deadline for submission ... on the school's admission portal or contact directly to the admissions advisory department of the school where you intend to apply for admission.
Currently, there are 03 methods of applying for additional aspirations including:
  • Apply for admission online
  • Apply directly at the admissions office
  • Submit the application to the admissions office via post

Important notes when recruiting additional

When participating in additional admission, the  Student Recruitment  advises you to pay attention to the following important issues:
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What is additional admission? Important notes when recruiting additional


Many candidates did not know how to make the most of their admission aspirations in the enrollment applications, so they lost the chance to enroll in universities and colleges in the first round of admission.
Therefore, in the selection of additional aspirations, candidates still have a lot of opportunities to enroll in universities that are not enough targets and organize additional admissions. You can register for admission to the industry according to your own needs or can be admitted through the form of high school transcripts.
However, in order to be able to grasp the admission ticket to the university during the additional admission, you need to find out the information and consider carefully before making a decision to apply for admission to any school, which industry.
According to Mr. Tran Van Tua - Vice Rector of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, with an unlimited number of admissions aspirations like in recent years, the candidates with high scores will not fail the university. In the case of a candidate "putting eggs in a basket". Understand the simple way that the competitor only registers exactly one wish.


According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, the round of additional aspirations will be conducted after August 13 and the end time will depend on the specific regulations of the school, usually will last until when schools consider enough quotas.
The level of receiving additional admission dossiers will have to be equal or higher than the first round of admissions. There are many TOP schools even up to 2-3 points.
According to many admissions experts, the candidates should register many aspirations, make the most of the aspirations to register so as not to fall into the status of vocational training that they do not really love.
Candidates must be very calm to monitor the information of the schools considering the admission of additional aspirations. To apply for admission to any school, candidates must contact the admissions advisory board or look up information on the school's website. Candidates will only have one report card, if they have not decided where to study, they should not submit. Because of the submission of the admission confirmation form, it cannot be withdrawn and does not participate in the registration of additional aspirations.