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Important milestones for National High School Exam 2018

Updated: 16 Jun, 2019 lúc June 15, 2019
The following are important milestones that students should take into consideration this year.
According to the latest announcement of the Ministry of Education and Training, candidates applying directly to universities in 2018 will have to submit applications directly at the education and training departments, not to submit at the school. Deadline for submission is before May 20, 2018.
Exceeding the need for the contest for students in 2019
In 2018, FPT University enrolls majors: Software Engineering; Safety information; Computer science; Business administration; Hotel management; International bussiness; English language; Japanese; Korean language; Chinese language; Multimedia communications; Graphic design in the form of taking the entrance exam on 13/5.
Candidates with a score of 3 subjects in the last two semesters of high school reached 21 points * or more according to the subject area corresponding to the field registered at FPT University (the Information Security and Computer Science sector alone achieved 24 points * or more) are eligible for exemptions from the entrance exam of the school.