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Hot Girl Nha Trang: "I choose FPT University for my entrepreneurial dream"

Updated: 16 Jun, 2019 lúc June 15, 2019
These days, despite having to prepare for the upcoming high school exam, the 2k1 girl from Nha Trang still does not hesitate to share her university choices and dreams. That is Phan Vo Truc Anh, currently a student of 12 Ischool Nha Trang high schools. Prominent with a beautiful appearance, confident of the scholarship exam phase 1, Truc Anh owns high determination and dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.
Let's meet and listen to interesting sharing from him!
Choose FPT University and entrepreneur dream
Sharing about choosing FPT University, Truc Anh confided:  "I know that FPT University is from secondary school, I also regularly go to the school website to find out, do I talk to the upperclassmen? About FPT University, more and more I love and determination to go to school. ”
Truc Anh also learned about the process of studying at the school, she happily shared: "The environment at FPT University is very good, the school not only focuses on knowledge but also creates opportunities for students to access international environment through semester abroad, development of soft skills. In addition, students will be able to improve their English communication skills due to studying with foreign teachers . ”
Unveiling the reasons for choosing FPT University to fulfill the dream of becoming a businesswoman, Truc Anh confided:  "I am very passionate about business, I intend to study International Business major of FPT University. I like to be free and challenge myself, so I want to work hard to become a businesswoman. Although there are still many difficulties ahead, but certainly not because of that, I give up my dream because I believe if I decide I will do it. ”
Luckily, Truc Anh was always supported by her parents and encouraged her to choose a business major, her parents also guided her to study at FPT University.
Currently there are only about 10 days to go to the National High School exam, as well as many other peers, Truc Anh also inevitably mentally pressures, put all efforts to review the upcoming exam. . Even so, she is quite confident and shares about her current training process:  "I took the D block, so I am trying to carefully study 3 English Maths subjects, especially English. She also learns more and rehearses more topics at home, difficult sentences she often asks teachers to answer and review every time she has free time. There is little time left so I also try to revise it well. ”
In front of each exam, surely our officers will be worried, a spirit of comfort and good health is essential. Hope Truc Anh will achieve the highest results in the upcoming exam and will soon become FPT University's new student to realize his dream!