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2018: Many valedictorians come from Hoa Binh and Son La

Updated: 06 Jun, 2019 lúc June 05, 2019
In the list of 11 contestants with the highest scores nationwide by the Ministry of Education and Training statistics at the time of fraud, the test scores have not been discovered, 3 candidates from Ha Giang. A Son La contestant has the highest score in the country.
After the results of admission to universities, statistics are incomplete, showing that many valedictorians come from "fraudulent test sites" Hoa Binh, Son La or Lang Son suspected place.
Accordingly, valedictorian of block A0 of People's Security Academy came from Lang Son, with a total score of 28.5 (Mathematics 9.2; Physics 9.5 and Chemistry 9.8). The valedictorian of C03 block is a contestant in Hoa Binh with 29.25 points.
At the People's Police Academy, considering the combination of C03, the valedictorian is a female student with the highest national high school test score (number of 14001330 mentioned above), with a total of 28.6 points.
Did the high school students receive high school exams?  picture 2
This female student is named in the list of 44 people who have been awarded points in Son La, and has dropped 11 points in Math and English after the assessment. However, after that, the girls still got enough points to enroll in Hanoi Law University, when choosing C00 students for admission (this combination is not related to the subjects that have been dropped).
Considering the combination of A01, the valedictorian of the 2018 People's Police Academy was a contestant from Thanh Hoa with a total of 28.3 points. The valedictorian of the B00 complex in Dien Bien with a total of 27.45 points. In D01 complex, the person with the highest score comes from Tuyen Quang, with 3 subjects reaching 27.85.
Of the 489 students who won the Military Technical Academy last year, two candidates from Son La, were on the list of 44 people who received points. Inside, MVT students have scores of 9.4 in Mathematics, Physics 9.5 and Foreign Language 9, the highest in Military Technical Academy. After the evaluation, this student's real score is Mathematics 4, Physics 3, Foreign Language 2.2. Compared to the real point, T. is raised to 18.7 points.
Mr. Nguyen Huu Tu, Vice Rector of Hanoi Medical University, reported that among the 3 contestants with the highest score, one came from Son La (28.4 points). After the evaluation, the students were dropped and were suspended from school.
The valedictorian of Hanoi Pedagogical University is a former student of Hoang Van Thu High School (Hoa Binh), who is admitted to Literature 8.75; History 9.25 and Geography 9.75. A student who got a grade increase from the driver of Hoa Binh Department of Education and Training, wrote an application to leave school before the school disciplined.
Besides, the second grade of the exam school in Son La cluster, was raised 3 points in the C00 complex. After the evaluation, students still have enough matriculation points, currently studying at the school.