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University Admission: Considerations for consideration of academic records 2019

Updated: 06 Jun, 2019 lúc June 05, 2019

According to Nguyen Thi Kim Phung, Director of the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Training, this year the target of pedagogical sector has increased but the Ministry is determined not to lower the floor to exchange for the quantity.
Do not lower the floor to exchange for the quantity 
Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Phung said that if compared with 2018, the norm of pedagogical sector in 2019 has increased by more than 10,000, but not because of the increased norm but too worried about low pedagogical benchmarking as well as quality. teacher training.
In 2018, the quality assurance threshold (floor score) for the pedagogical training sector is determined to be 17/15/13 for the qualifications of University, College, and University or to request good academic records for the University. , good grades for CD and TC if applying the application of the admissions records. In fact, the school year of 2018 teachers only recruited 44% of the training needs but the Ministry determined not to lower the floor to exchange for the quantity. This year, this policy will continue to be implemented by the Ministry to improve the quality of teachers.
Many control solutions
In response to social concerns, Ms Phung said the increase in targets will come with many solutions to control the quantity and quality of the pedagogical admission. The first is control by enrollment criteria. The Ministry only assigns enrollment quotas to pedagogical schools equal to 73% of the training needs of schools. This is to encourage provinces to continue to attract graduate students who do not yet have a lack of local jobs.
According to Ms Phung, the second solution is to control the quality of the input by stipulating the floor of the report card and the floor for admission from the test site. Thirdly, it is required that schools enter all the matriculated data, enroll in the general system to control the implementation of targets and floor points.
In addition, the Ministry of Education and Training also requires pedagogical schools to provide transparent information for social supervision.
Previously, the information of the total targets in universities, colleges and universities of teacher training sector increased compared to 2018, there were many opinions in public opinion. The objection is that the Ministry of Education and Training allows to increase the norm of pedagogical sector is not reasonable because there is now a surplus of teachers in the provinces and cities. Many experts also believe that the increase in this target will cause imbalance in the labor market, break the channel policy ...

It's too much for the student to give birth to
Lack of many preschool and primary teachers
According to Ms Phung, there is now a redundancy and lack of local teachers, not just teachers who are abundant in the locality. According to the report of the end of 2018 of the local Department of Education and Training, the country is missing 75,989 teachers, mainly preschool (MN) and primary (TH). In particular, the provinces lacking the largest teachers are Hai Duong (4,000), Hanoi (4,000), Thai Binh (3,600) ...
The lack of local teachers also took place many years ago. In 2016, the review results show that there are 43,000 teachers in excess and inadequate country. In 2017, the results of the Teacher Training Needs Survey of provinces and cities nationwide showed that in 2018, provinces need to train 59,527 teachers. The Ministry of Transport 35,590 targets 60% of the demand (the remaining 40% for provinces to attract graduate students who do not have a job) but actually only recruit more than 26,000, equal to 44% of the training demand of the year.
According to reports from localities, the Ministry of Education and Training has issued 63,364 training targets (including preschool: 23,333 targets, elementary: 21,220 targets, secondary schools: 14,580 targets, high schools: 3,553 targets). ). Learn from the number of recruitment students in 2018, in 2019, the Ministry of Education and Training assigned schools 46,285 targets (73% of demand). In case the schools are fully recruited, it is equal to 73% of the demand and approximately equal to the average level of training / year in the period 2016-2020 according to Decision No. 732 / QD-TTg. However, this year, according to statistics from 14.5.2019, candidates registered for admission to the training sector of teachers are less than in 2018, so it is difficult to recruit the above criteria.