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Guide students to retake the University in 2019 for free candidates

Updated: 06 Jun, 2019 lúc June 05, 2019
Based on the annual National High School Admission Regulation, there are no changes in the form and method of examination in recent years.
In the meantime, the two-in-one exam can take points for admission to universities / colleges as well as for admission to careers that the candidates themselves want to choose.
Candidates who retake the University take the entrance exam into careers that they have cherished for a long time. Therefore, you need to register again for the National High School graduation exam again.
This is one of two free candidates, in which one aspect is the candidates who have completed the 12th grade program in previous years but have not yet qualified for high school graduation.
Guide students to retake the University in 2019 for free candidates 1
Guide students to retake the University in 2019 for free candidates

Therefore, students who  retake the University's exam  in 2019 will proceed to register for the National High School graduation exam as usual. Accordingly, candidates need to regularly update the time to register for the University re-examination. Normally in April, the Ministry will issue a set of registration documents for the National High School Exam.
Candidates can purchase applications at high schools nationwide or departments, at the nearest Education & Training Offices. The free contestants do not necessarily need to attend the cluster exam they have studied at high school, the candidates can register for the exam at the most convenient exam clusters.
These periodic  retests University  often takes place in the provinces / cities, and coordinate with one or two Universities / Colleges to conduct held in the venues in previously.
Candidates who return to schools within the Army - Police will be required to perform prequalification in localities such as the District / District Military Headquarters / Town where the candidate is resident.
Or the contestants can contact the Military Command, District / District Police to be able to know more about the prequalification period such as the time of health examination, purchase of admission documents, ... Each one Only registered one highest aspiration into a Military / Police industry.

The registration period and the time for candidates to retake the University

For those who retake the university exam, they need to register for the exam in the National High School Graduation Exam in 2019. Accordingly, the candidates will proceed to register for the 2019 National High School Exam starting  April 1 - ends on April 20, 2019 .
Accordingly, the candidates who wish to take the University exam need to quickly complete the registration file to send to the place of their choice.
2019 National High School Graduation Examination Schedule:
Official exam schedule for the 2019 National High School Graduation Exam

Where should the University exam start from?

Re-exam the University should start from? This question is raised by many people when they intend to  retake the University . Begin revision as soon as possible. You should not spend too much time in good exam classes to be able to register a tight schedule, ...
Learning more doesn't mean you will be able to learn more knowledge to be able to solve the exercises quickly. Instead, you can study at home, study online or study a group.
Besides, you can practice exam preparation through the internet. There have been cases of self-study on the Internet, studying in Textbooks also have the ability to get high marks in the exam.
Guide students to retake the University in 2019 for free candidates 2
Where should the University exam start from?
If you are not parked again, do 
n't ignore the pharmaceutical college admissions program   to make sure the ticket has a job that the future never fails.

First, develop a University review plan

Build yourself an appropriate learning plan that outlines your goals to be achieved in the coming times. Please answer 2 questions yourself:
  • What score do you want to score?
  • Which university do you want to take? Which majors are selected?
After making a clear goal for yourself, then make a list of things to do to be able to achieve this high result. Prioritize things that are important first, do not brace yourself to do so, it will not be very effective.
Select the most reasonable revision times of the day. Some scientists have proven that the best time for the brain to work is: morning 5h - 6h, 7:30 - 10:30, on the afternoon of 14h - 16:30 and the evening from 20h - 22h.
Focusing on studying for 45 minutes, you should relax 5 - 6 minutes, the purpose is to rest your mind.

Learn about the University exam preparation program

First, focus on learning the basic knowledge of high school level. The exam structure will have questions related to the knowledge of all 3 high school years. Therefore, the process of re-knowledge of knowledge is one of the most necessary jobs for the reviewers to review Dai. learn.
Next, you need to practice methods to quickly solve multiple-choice questions. Learn more about advanced knowledge sections and do more exercise exercises. Train exam questions in previous years, be aware of the lack of knowledge to be able to review and memorize knowledge.
Hopefully all the information above helps the contestants know about the University revision procedures. The most important thing is to get yourself a suitable revision plan to achieve high results in this exam.