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English exam preparation: Learn vocabulary, master grammar and sentence structure

Updated: 26 May, 2019 lúc May 26, 2019
To do well the English test in the 2019 national high school exam, students need to learn a lot of vocabulary, master grammar and sentence structure.
How to learn vocabulary and how to use the test
- Learn vocabulary in each unit of the textbook. Each unit of lesson is a topic and students can learn more on that topic outside the textbook.

- Write words many times, reread the readings with those words to help us access and remember longer, understand and use the word in sentences.

- Listening to music, watching television, reading newspapers, magazines, stories in English helps us review and recall vocabulary learned and learn new words.

- Learn synonyms and antonyms.

- Learn how to guess words through context so that you can understand how the word means in the sentence, because an English word can have many different meanings.

- Learning words must learn pronunciation, stressing (stress), so we need to regularly check the dictionary, listen to teachers or communicate with native speakers to read, speak and pronounce properly.

- Learn idioms, verb phrases (verbs with adverbs or prepositions).

In order to do well in the English test, candidates need to have a lot of vocabulary

So if we have a lot of vocabulary, we can do well the parts of the national high school exam as follows: pronunciation (pronunciation), accent (stress), word form (word form), word vocabulary (vocabulary), synonyms (synonym), antonyms.

Understand and do well in reading comprehension (reading), filling (cloze test). Especially for reading comprehension in the National High School Exam, there will be two lessons of about 12 to 15 sentences.

In order to do well in this part, students first read quickly through the reading, then carefully read each question to find out the key words or key words of the question, then reread the article and find the answer. .

They remember not to spend too much time reading and translating into Vietnamese, needing reasoning and guessing through context.

How to learn grammar and apply test
- In popular programs with very important grammar and structure points, they need to learn and master: Tenses, Subject and Verb agreement, Gerund-Infinitive, Passive Voice, Reported Speech, Relative Clause, Adverbial Clause Of Time, Conditional Sentences, Wish Sentences, Clause Of Purpose, Clause Of Reason, Clause Of Concession, Modal Verb, Inversion, Used To, Be Used To, Used For, Too ... To, Enough ... To, Present And Pastic part phrase, Reducing Clauses Into Phrase ...

- Master the knowledge teachers have taught in class, do lots of practical exercises.

- Solve many sample exam questions, especially the sample exam questions of the ministry, the exam questions of previous years.

- Practice writing journals, writing in English to review and apply the vocabulary and sentence structure learned.

If you master the grammar and structure, you will do a good part of the grammar, sentence structure, sentence matching (combine questions), transitions (transformation); part of fixing errors, the missing part (cloze test).

In short, to do well the national high school exam in English, they need to master the grammar, structure, improve vocabulary, practice more exercises from basic to advanced, need to read more Many books and newspapers, practice listening and writing through English programs.

Learning English is a long-term learning and accumulation process, so students have to learn every day, not waiting until the new exam date.

When entering the examination room, they need to be confident, calm and comfortable. After receiving the exam, students need to spend about 2-3 minutes reading through the exam if there is a problem with the printing, lack of sentences, if so, immediately report the examination room supervisor to change another subject.

Quickly read through which part I feel confident, do not spend too much time thinking for a sentence.

You should allocate a reasonable time - spend at least the last 5 minutes to check the answer, especially check answers on the worksheet, absolutely do not leave any questions blank.

LE CONG ANH (English leader of Nguyen Thai Binh High School, Ho Chi Minh City)