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Updated: 06 Jun, 2019 lúc June 05, 2019
1. Information technology industry

Speaking to easy-to-apply industries, IT industry cannot be ignored

Information technology is an industry suitable for the trend of modern society, so it is not difficult to identify that information technology is the first choice for candidates to choose: the field of study creates many job opportunities when Graduated from the university and the industry has learned a lot of useful knowledge and applied it to practice. Information technology industry is mostly used in the economic field. Candidates who apply for D-Block can choose majors such as: Software, Informatics ... Information technology is one of the assessed disciplines that is easy to apply for jobs with people of Block D.

2. Pedagogical industry

                                          Whether the Faculty of Education is easy to apply for

If you love to stand on the podium to become "human growers" in the future, you should choose this group. You are naturally inclined to choose pedagogical pedagogy, or vice versa in favor of society, choose a discipline, or want a fresh dynamic, you choose foreign language pedagogy. Schools have this group: the University of Pedagogy I, Pedagogy 2, Thai Nguyen Pedagogy

3. Humanities and Social Sciences
For this group, the Year 12 students preparing for the University exam can choose majors: Sociology, economics, psychology, humanities, user behavior, field studies. economically and socially ... these are specialized majors that are also easy to apply for jobs when they graduate. Some schools enrolling in this sector are: University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vinh University, HV Journalism and Communication, Law University, Trade Union ....

>>> Click on the Southern Intermediate level for reference and more career opportunities, more job opportunities

4. Foreign Language Industry
Currently, in the future, Vietnam will need a lot of human resources to master foreign languages. Therefore, it is impossible not to mention block D and this is your strength because this is the block that helps you to learn a foreign language. You can study languages ​​(English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Chinese, bilingual, Italian, Thai, German, Portuguese, etc.) which are good for future career choices.

Some schools enrolling in this foreign language group are: Foreign Language University, Hanoi University, National University, National Economics, Foreign Trade, Trade, ..

5. Economics - Finance - Business Administration
Economics - Finance - Business Administration

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Economics - Finance - Business Administration always belongs to TOP job-seeking industries

This is a group of industries related to economic field and very promising in the future. You can choose majors in accounting or banking finance. Besides, majors such as Business Administration, Finance - Banking, Economics, Accounting, Human Resources / Tourism Management, International Business, Insurance, Trade, ... in the trend. Future developments will also have great job opportunities.

Advice by educators to focus on choosing D-sector, in order to have a good job later, candidates will avoid jobs in "vocal names", so choose a career suitable for individuals. Because it is suitable for my forte ability, I can be passionate about my age and study well, and after-graduation job opportunities are for those who are devoted to improving knowledge.